A Political, Artistic and Cultural History of Modern France

Four Lecturers - Four Lectures a Month

Paris Art Studies is pleased to announce a new lecture program online for 2021 on the political, artistic and cultural history of modern France.


This ambitious program has been put together by four faculty members of French and American university programs in Paris. The speakers are Mariam Habibi PhD, Professor of History, Anne Catherine Abecassis PhD., Professor of Art History Chris Boïcos Mphil, Professor of Art History and Sylvie Koneski PhD., Professor of Literature.



Our first program in English is held on Wednesdays and will focus on the politics, society, literature and art of the Third French Republic (1870-1940). From 6 May 2021, the lectures will also be held in French on Thursdays. 


You may register for the full series of four or for each lecture separately.