Paris Art Studies

Paris art studies was founded in 2007 as a new cultural and teaching venue for the English- speaking community of Paris and visitors to the city.


Its objective was to provide a year-long comprehensive program of lectures on the history of Paris and French art. Participants examine in detail and in depth the painting, sculpture, architecture, furniture and design of one of the world’s greatest artistic cities, center of culture and civilization from the Middle Ages to the present.


Pre-COVID, weekly visits to the city’s historical districts and monuments and to the city’s many museums were an integral part of the courses. One of the aims of the program was to familiarize the student with the great number of museums of the city and the wealth and variety of their permanent collections. Another important objective was to cover the most important temporary exhibitions originating or travelling to Paris museums and exhibition venues.


Slide lectures were held at Chris Boïcos’ home on avenue Daumesnil in the 12th arrondissement near Bastille.

Paris Art Studies Lectures Online

Since March 2020 our program has moved online with weekly lectures on art and French history on Mondays by Chris Boïcos and guest speakers.


In January 2021, PAS launched a further program of online lectures in English on the political, artistic and cultural history of modern France held weekly on Wednesdays and starting with the Third French Republic 1870-1940. These are delivered by faculty members of French and American university programs in Paris, Mariam Habibi PhD, Anne Catherine Abecassis PhD , Sylvie Koneski PhD and Chris Boïcos MPhil.


A similar programme on the history of modern France will be launched in French with the same four lecturers on Thursdays from May 2021.