Zoom Lecture


5 December 2022

Fernande Olivier and Pablo Picasso in the Intimacy of the Bateau-Lavoir

A lecture on the exhibition at the Musée de Montmartre, Paris

(until 19 February 2023)

with Chris Boïcos

Fernande Olivier in 1908
Fernande Olivier in 1908

Fernande Olivier (1881-1966) began her career as a professional model. She worked for many artists such as Cormon, Manolo, Canals and Sunyer, before becoming better known as the companion of the young Picasso shortly after he settled in Paris in the famous studio complex of the “Bateau-Lavoir” in 1904. Fernande revealed much about herself and her relationship with her famous lover in Souvenirs intimes and Picasso et ses amis, a book that Picasso did his best to stop from being published. This is the first exhibition exclusively devoted to Fernande’s life and legend featuring many of her portraits by Picasso and the other artists of Montmartre at the beginning of the 20th century. As a modern woman, model, artist and writer, she is an inescapable witness of a fascinating era and a unique artistic milieu.

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